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Direct hiring

Direct hiring is an easy and fast way to find the right people to work directly for your company! Using a direct recruitment service saves you time and money. You can focus on your core business while our consultants search for the best resources for your business.

This is how direct recruitment works at Base:

  • We will arrange a meeting where we define the selection criteria for the applicants based on your wishes as well as the schedule.
  • After the meeting, we prepare the job’s description and send it for approval.
  • We review first potential individuals from our own talent pool. If no suitable candidates found, we start a public search (our website, MOL, Facebook, Duunitori)
  • Applicants suitable for the position will be invited for an interview and their references will be reviewed.
  • Once we have found the most suitable candidates for your company, we suggest them for an interview.
  • The final choice depends on you, but we are happy to help you if the choice is difficult. For example, personal assessment helps you choosing between the few best candidates.

A 4-month warranty is included in our recruitment.

Ask for more and let’s succeed together!

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