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flexible recruitment

Rent and recruit later for yourself

Nowadays most employment relationships start temporarily with the possibility to end up with a permanent position. A temporary employment relationship can serve as a kind of extended probationary period, and when the time is right, a temporary employee can be recruited to our client’s company on the permanent agreement. This is called the flexible recruitment model.

In the flexible recruitment model, the recruitment agency acts as the employee’s legal employer and is responsible for all employer obligations, such as the organization of occupational health care and the payment of salaries, as well as the administrative work of the employment. As a model, this recruitment method is quite flexible and brings more agility to recruitment.

Flexible recruitment is a good way to get to know the employee’s skills and suitability which will be proven in practice, as well as the commitment of both parties to each other.

The flexible recruitment model is widely used in both manufacturing and logistics industries. A well-found temporary worker is often wanted to be recruited permanently by a client business at a time when the situation is favorable for permanent recruitment.

Do you need employees for the project?

project employee is one whose employment has been fixed for a specific project. This is typical in the industrial sector due to production projects required for large orders, as well as in the logistics and trade sectors during high season.

Especially in the case of international companies, where increasing the headcount is not always possible, it can be challenging to find project workers. In this case, hiring a temporary worker can be an effective solution.

Flexible recruitment is also well suited for such recruitment, which is initially only project-specific but can be made permanent when the client company’s work situation changes.